You surely have questions and we have answers!

FYI! HALLOWEEN IS OUR BUSIEST TIME OF YEAR! Prices increase slightly do to demand. AND BY ALL MEANS BOOK US EARLY! WE ASK FOR 50 % deposit to secure your finish time is handled professionally and dressed to kill.

Mr bodypaint is a collective of artists hand picked for every event to maximize awesome.

PRICE: All jobs are different however the general rule:

Full body art is around $200.

Half body $100

Body parts ( sleeve or leg) around $50.

Hourly rate: $175 per hour with prices dropping with longer gigs.

Day/night rate: One bodypaint artist for more than 4 hours is $500

MRBP artists care about our clients safety and use the highest quality alcohol based make-up. After 1000’s of clients we can say we have never seen any issue with our applications. Airbrush make up is so slight, it never permeates the surface of the skin. Our pigments simply rest on the surface and make you shine like a diamond.


Speed painting and art is our true passion at LIVE PARTIES. Did you know we bodypaint crowds live at high end venues? Patrons step right up and what ever body parts are exposed get airbrushed on the spot! We turn your patrons into into rock stars in seconds with zero mess. We perform freehand custom body art in 5 minutes with filigree and quick gorgeous line art. We don’t just paint our art while  forgetting  about the patron/canvas… We quickly study the patron’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and integrate our style/color into theirs. The frenzy that ensues by our technique just has to be seen to be believed. Once the party realizes the new art quickly expanding around a venue with our work……..well the snowball effect begins and our painted tribe grows exponentially.  At any single event 100’s of designs are created and no one gets the same one. By now the degrees of separation between our airbrushes and you can surely be counted on one hand.